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Welcome to the Town of Kiowa Bid and Contract Opportunities (RFP's) page. If you are a consultant, service provider, contractor, vendor, or supplier, this is a convenient place for you to find out about current bidding and contract opportunities.

In the spirit of continuous improvement Town of Kiowa utilizes the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and welcomes your participation and cooperation.

Interested vendors and contractors can find documents, addenda and all information related to open and closed solicitations on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. Registration is required to download documents, receive alerts of addendum and respond electronically. Please visit Town of Kiowa’s open solicitation page.

Town Comprehensive Plan Update

The current comprehensive (master) plan was adopted in 2004. While this plan has served the Town for over 19 years as the primary long-range guiding document for a community to achieve its vision and goals, the contents are antiquated and need to be updated with current events. The Town looks to align with the Department of Local Affair's (DOLA) goals to have our community’s “comprehensive plans (or master plan) that provides the policy framework for regulatory tools like zoning, subdivision regulations, annexations, and other policies. A comprehensive plan promotes the community's vision, goals, objectives, and policies, establishes a process for orderly growth and development, addresses both current and long-term needs, and provides for a balance between the natural and built environment. Elements addressed in a comprehensive plan may include: recreation and tourism (required by state statutes), transportation, land use, economic development, affordable housing, environment, parks and open space, natural and cultural resources, hazards, capital improvements, water supply and conservation, efficiency in government, sustainability, energy, and urban design.”

In June 2023, Kimley-Horn was awarded a contract to complete an update to the Town Comprehensive Plan.

Kiowa Sidewalks and Drainage Project

Over the course of 30+ years, winter icing has severely deteriorated the sidewalks, curb, gutter, and street along the main drag of downtown Kiowa, along both sides of CO-86. The Town proposes to improve sidewalks, drainage, reduction of lanes from 4 to 2 with a center turn lane that will help reduce speeding through town and introduce a bike lane to create safer mobility for all.

Engineering and design to begin in 2024. This is an anticipated 3-year project.

Kiowa Bridge Replacement Project

Engineering and design to begin in 2024. Construction will begin Spring 2025. This is an anticipated 3-year project.

Kiowa Water & Wastewater Authority Rate Study

The Authority will conduct a rate study of its current service fees to ensure the Authority continues to have the financial resources needed to meet their budget, maintain their infrastructure, grow their distribution system, explore new technologies and implement a capital improvement plan.

In June 2023, Kiowa Water and Wastewater Authority (KWWA) engaged with the Colorado Rural Water Association to have a rate study review completed in 2024.

Kiowa Water & Wastewater Authority Redundancy Project

This capital infrastructure project is the Authority’s top priority. Through this project the Authority will create a redundancy water delivery system for the Town; thus, meeting the CDPHE standards for water redundancy as a municipal service.

Engineering and design to begin in 2024.

Vendor Reference Documents

W-9 Form (blank and fillable)