December 19, 2023 Minutes

Kiowa Water and WasteWater Authority

Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Kiowa Water and Wastewater Authority was called to order on December 19, 2023 at 6:06 pm by President Debbie Ullom with the following in attendance: 

Directors: Teresa Parker appeared in person. Tim Craft appeared via phone. Eric Whitman joined in person at 6:28. Annette Burmaster was absent. 

Also present: 
Rick Kolm, Town of Kiowa Mayor, Laurel Brown, Bret Wager, Dean McAllister 
Paul Grant, Headways Consultant LLC and George Rowley, attorney attended via phone.

Consent Items

Approval of Agenda 

President Debbie Ullom requested an approval of the agenda. Tim Craft made the motion to approve the agenda. Teresa Parker seconded the motion. Motion passed with no discussion. 

Approval of Minutes 

President Debbie Ullom requested an approval of the Minutes. Tim Craft made the motion to approve the minutes. Teresa Parker seconded the motion. Motion passed with no discussion. 

Financial Report

President Debbie Ullom noted that $5,000 had been overpaid to TOK for payroll from the KWWA financials and asked that it be refunded back to KWWA. 

Staff Reports

Paul Grant - needs to fix phone line at water tower. Still has about 18 meters to install at the trailer park. There was a substantial loss of water from the tower and repairs are being scheduled. UV bulbs installed. SBRl is having an issue. 

Sasha Davidson-All delinquent water accounts have been paid up. 

Discussion was held about the Neptune system. Tim made a motion to continue with the update of the system by purchasing the reader at $5555.50, the annual software update at $1750, and the one-time integration fee of $1750. Teresa second the motion. Motion passed. 

Hardship requests- Eric made a motion to waive the late fees on account 488 & 410 if they make payments on a budget billing system with a minimum of $200 a month until the back log is caught up. Teresa second the motion. Motion passed. 

Kim Boyd - No update. 

New Business

  • Laurel Brown - Discussion centered around the surrender documents of the water tap and no further sewer charges billed by the town on behalf of KWWA. Paul joined the conversation to discuss that he would set up the new water meter and confirm that the water line sewer line is working after the sewer line is repaired by the property owner. The property owner requested that her tap fee be lowered to $1000. The board consensus was there would be no change in the water tap fee amount.
  • Election of 2024 Officers: Debbie made a motion that Eric Whitman be the chairman and Teresa Parker be the vice Chair and treasurer. Tim seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Membership Application were presented for Bret Wager and Laurel Brown. Eric made a motion to accept the 2 applications and Teresa seconded. Motion carries. Both will assume their positions on the board at the January meeting.






Eric Whitman made the motion to adjourn, Tim Craft seconded, and the motion passed with no discussion. The meeting adjourned at 7:45pm. The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, January 10, 2023, at Town Hall at 6:00pm.