April 11, 2023 Minutes

Town of Kiowa Water & Wastewater Authority

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes
April I1th, 2023

Call to Order


The regular meeting of the Kiowa Water and Wastewater Authority was called to order on April 11th, 2023, at 6:00pm by President Debbie Ullom with the following in attendance via Zoom. 

Directors: Annette Burmaster and Teresa Parker 
Town Clerk: Tasha Chevarria 
Town Administrator: Kimberly Boyd 
Guests: Paul Grant and an unknown call-in attendee, and a guest named Marvyn.

Consent Items

  1. Approval of Agenda
    Annette Burmaster made the motion to approve the agenda. Teresa Parker seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Teresa Parker made the motion to approve the March 28th Special Meeting minutes as written, Annette Burmaster seconded, and the motion carried 3-0. Annette Burmaster made the motion to approve the March 14th regular meeting minutes as written. Teresa Parker seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

Financial Report

  1. Year to date P&L
    The financials were reviewed and discussed. The budget for legal services has gone over due to reviews of the Well Agreement and the Operating Agreement with the Town. Kimberly Boyd did clarify that she has had a conversation with the Town Attorney about not continuing to involve KWWA legal counsel in all correspondence. Debbie Ullom has also reached out to the billing clerk to clarify some of the charges.

Staff Reports

  1. Paul Grant, Headways Consultant, LLC
    Paul Grant's monthly report was reviewed and discussed. There were no questions for Paul at this time.
  2. Tasha Chevarria, Town Clerk
    The System Totals reports for February and March were included in the packet for review. The water loss has come up from 9% to 21.5%. Some possible reasons for this are the changing out of meters and not capturing the final read on the old ones immediately. Paul Grant is trying to change them out as soon after reading the old meters as possible. Another issue is that the fire department uses bulk water for fire suppression and training but does not report the amount used to Tasha Chevarria. Debbie Ullom will bring this up at the next fire meeting and get them in contact with Tasha Chevarria to get on a use reporting schedule to see if this helps account for some of the water loss.
  3. Grant updates - Kim
    Kimberly Boyd, Town Administrator gave an update on the grant application. The draft application for the well development has been submitted. Revisions have been requested by CDPHE, Debbie Ullom and Kimberly Boyd will get those corrected and submitted this Thursday. Kimberly Boyd also reported that an energy audit was completed for the Authority in 2021. The energy office staff updated those numbers for 2023, Paul Grant will review the energy saving suggestions made in the report and will update the board at the next meeting about what has already been implemented and what could feasibly be implemented in the future.

Public Comments


Old Business

  1. Ordinance for water determinations and Bargain and Sale Deed
    Debbie Ullom will provide Kimberly Boyd with all the of the determinations that need to be transferred from the Town to the Authority so that the Town Attorney can draft the bargain and sale deed. We will leave this item as old business until that is completed.
  2. Clean up Operating Agreement between Town of Kiowa and KWWA                                     Kimberly Boyd and the Authority have reviewed the agreement and suggested revisions. The Town Board will need to review it and make any suggestions they have before it is approved. We will leave this item as old business until it is completed and approved.
  3. Rate Study and Asset Management
    Tasha Chevarria provided the board with current water rates for Elizabeth and Bennett. She will combine these into the rate study spreadsheet for reference and provide that at the May meeting.
  4. Committee Update
    No updates

New Business



Annette Burmaster inquired whether the fire department is charged for their use of bulk water. Currently, they are not. Tasha will investigate whether surrounding communities charge fire departments for water.


Tasha received an e-mail from Ken Turnbull requesting the ability to pay for a tap and then use the existing well that is owned by KWWA and install septic on his property that is inside the Town limits, but not currently connected to water or sewer services. When services are extended closer to his property by development, he would then tap into water and sewer. This would allow him to have water and septic without having to be responsible for installing the infrastructure on his property immediately. After discussion, the board feels that an exception should not be made at this time. The County was just required to fund and install the infrastructure required to connect to Town services, making an exception now could raise questions in the community about why one exception is made but not another. The board requested that Tasha respond to him as such.


Annette Burmaster made the motion to adjourn, Debbie Ullom seconded, and the motion carried 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 6:49pm.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday May 9th, 2023, at Town Hall at 6:00pm

Minutes Approved by:
Tasha Chevarria, Town Clerk                           Debbie Ullom, President