March 14, 2023 Agenda

Town of Kiowa Board of Trustee

Regular Monthly Meeting Agenda
March 14, 2023 – 7pm

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Agenda Consent

  • Approval of Agenda

V. Staff Reports

  • Mayor
  • Board of Trustees
  • Town Attorney
  • Town Administrator
  • Public Works
  • Code Enforcement (Report due at April 2023 meeting for 1st quarter)

VI. Consent Items

  • Approval of Minutes from February 14, 2023, Meeting and February 7, 2023, Work Session
  • Expenditures for Year-to-Date 2023

VII. Liquor License 

  • Elbert County 4-H Leaders Council – Special Event Liquor License (4/21-4/23)
  • Kiowa Schools Booster Club – Special Event Liquor License (3/18)

VIII. New Business

  • Update from Sheriff Tim Norton concerning law enforcement services
  • Policy 22-053: Streets and Roads – Snow Removal Procedures
  • Town equipment replacement and cost estimates 
  • Chargeback Agreement with Kiowa Creek Meadows
  • Financial Analysis Kiowa Creek Meadows Development Prepared by: Stan Bernstein & Associates, Inc.
  • Amendment and Restatement of Development Agreement Kiowa Creek Meadows Development Agreement 

IX. Old Business

  • Ordinance 1, Series 2023: An ordinance rescinding the Kiowa Creek Meadows Development agreement and the vested property rights pursuant to Article 68 of Title 24, C.R.S., as amended and Chapter 16, Article XII of the Kiowa Municipal Code, as amended XIII.

X Public Comments

XI. Discussion

XII. Adjourn

Agenda Approved By: Rick Kolm Mayor, Town of Kiowa

Date Posted:March 13, 2023
Time Posted 4:00PM