December 12, 2023 Agenda

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda Consent

  • Approval of Agenda

Staff Reports

  • Mayor
  • Board of Trustees
  • Town Attorney
  • Town Administrator
  • Public Works
  • Code Enforcement (4th quarter report due)

Consent Items

  • Approval of Minutes from November 14, 2023, Monthly Meeting and November 27, 2023 Special Meeting
  • Expenditures for Year-to-Date 2023

Public Comments

Public Hearings

  • Ordinance 6, Series 2023, an amendment emergency ordinance of the Town of Kiowa, Colorado establishing a temporary moratorium on the acceptance of applications for subdivisions, replats, plat amendments, multi-side developments, planned unit developments, rezoning applications, and declaring an emergency
  • Ordinance 7, Series 2023, an ordinance approving rezoning of 515 Comanche Street and amending the town zoning map from PL-1 - Schools and Public Lands to MU - Mixed Use Retail District

New Business

  • Resolution No. 8, Series 2023, Resolution to approve 2023 recertification of values

Old Business



Agenda Approved By:

Rick Kolm
Mayor, Town of Kiowa